Don't panic!

Under attack?

Ethical hacking

Keeping up to date with the latest findings in cyber security is hard. Cynix offers flexible training programs to support enterprises and organizations of all sizes through the learning of the latest offensive and defensive techniques. The courses are suitable for IT managers, IT professionals, senior and junior developers and to all professionals who want to improve their awareness of cyber security.

Security awareness

Our awareness training program will transfer the information and precautions necessary for the correct use of IT equipment to your staff, to safeguard corporate data and to protect their digital identity. The training also involves measuring employees awareness simulating malicious attacks commonly performed by hackers and scammers.

Bespoke advising

When we use the Internet on a daily basis we run the risk that our data will be stolen or misused by third parties. We'll give you the necessary knowledge and means to confidently approach technology and avoid unpleasant situations, focusing on your actual needs to give you the best possible advising.